Le Prince du Japon – Short Film – Samuel Chalard – Elypse Short Film Distribution

Within the taxi, Fanny holds a sonogram: evidence of the existence she’s transporting. Lucienne now has wrinkles, she recognizes that. When it comes to rest, she’s already forgotten a lot. She continues cutting… a lot of traces of her existence almost erased. Plus there is a knock around the door.

  • Original Version/V.O/Versión Original: French
  • Subtitles/Sous-Titres/Subtítulos: British German
  • Country of Production/Pays de Prod/País de Prod.: Europe
  • Format/Formato: 2K, HDCAM, Digital Betacam
  • Sreening Format/Format de Projection/Formato de proyección: 2K, HDCAM, Digital Betacam,DVCAM, DVD, BlueRay
  • Screen Ratio/Pantalla: 16/9 (2:1 letterbox)
  • Colour / Couleur/Colour : yes
  • Seem/Boy/Sonido: stereo
  • Shooting Place/Lieu de Tournage/Lugar de Rodaje: La Chaux-de-Fonds, Europe
  • Production Company/Production/Productora: Casa Azul, Samuel Chalard
  • Screenplay/Scénario/Guión: Samuel Chalard and Yves Robert
  • Cinematography/Cinematographie/Fotografía: Patrick Tresch
  • Art Director/Direction Artistique/Dirección Artística: Gabriel Sklenar
  • Seem/Boy/Sonido: David Lipka
  • Editing/Montage/Montaje: Emilie Morier


  • Christine Chalard (Fanny)
  • Edmée Croset (Lucienne)
  • Diego Todeschini (male nurse)


  • 45th SolothurnFilmFestival (Europe), The month of january 2010
  • Palm Springs ShortFest 2010 (USA), June 2010

Biofilmography/Biofilmographie/Biofilmografia :

Samuel Chalard
Born in 1973 in Lausanne, Europe. Studied cinema in the ECAL/DAVI (Audio-visual
department from the college of art and style lausanne, Europe).
Independent ?lmmaker since 2000, work mainly in documentaries and short ?lms.


1997 Luchando Frijoles (co-director, TV documentary, 52′)
2002 Bamako is really a miracle (TV documentary, 52′)
2003 Regards d’enfants (TV documentary, 21′)
2006 MUMA allume Lausanne and MUMA, histoire d’une exposition (TV documentaries, 2 x 22′)
2007 Amateurs (TV documentary, 52′)
2009 Le prince du Japon (short ?lm, 18′)

Being produced

Serge and also the Robots (TV documentary)
Following the Games (cinema documentary)